Handleset PPR Anderson w/Lexa MB

SKU C23087-122
  • Features innovative, new Push Pull Rotate™ technology - the hands free way to open a door
  • Reinforce your doors with the quality and durability of Brink's
  • Works on in-swinging doors only
  • Limited lifetime warranty for defects in material or workmanship.
  • Simple to install with only a Phillips screwdriver
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Product Information

Push Pull Rotate™ the hands-full door lock from Brink's. The only door lock that opens 3 ways. Push it, pull it, or rotate it. With an elbow, hip or finger you can open the door by simply pushing or pulling on the knob or lever. Despite being so easy to use, these locks are built to achieve the most rigorous residential security standards as you would expect from Brinks. Push Pull Rotate door locks are robust and built on a commercial grade chassis.

Status New
SKU C23087-122
UPC 039208241571
Brand Brinks
Product Style Matte Black