Keeper 40' Hay Baler Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Down

Item Number 04624
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Keeper 40' Hay Baler Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Down Image

Product Description

The Keeper® 40 ft. Hay Baler Ratchet Tie-Down features an abrasion resistant 2 in. Hi-Test® webbing to absorb shock during transportation. It is constructed with a steel ratchet buckle, extra long open standard handle, and double J-hooks. To engage attach the hook to an anchor point, pull webbing over cargo load and tug to desired tension. Ratchet by raising and lowering the handle. The webbing then locks cargo into place.

  • 3,333 lbs. Working load limit
  • 2" Hi-Test® webbing
  • Open molded ratchet handle
  • Great for securing cargo and equipment to vehicle

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04624  Tie-Down, Hay Baler 2"x40 3333WLL 10000BS, JJ hooks
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